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adult shit

Yeh, this thing on?

Nah, shit be hatin? Fuck it, I don give a shit

That’s that aduult shit when u don’t caaare,
Cuz u kno, u can make it on your own,

Cuz u kno wat ur worth is, u got a purpose,
U don’t let that stress u, cuz u makin moves,
U kno wat u do, they can hate n all that,
But it doesn’t matter, cuz u got what’s great,
And u kno it,
Rich ppl underestimate ur mind, that’s part of bein poor,
Livin in a bubble, got clouds in they eyes,
They fear u n see u in competition, wanna downplay ur mind to kill ur ambition,

But that’s from them jaterz, jus manipulatin emotion,
U don really gotta lissen

They wanna keep what’s theirs, they don wanna see u equal as a threat,
To them ur evil, based on their lineage of privilege,
They wanna distort ur images,
Jealous n unaware fears over th—

That’s that adult shit cuz they don’t care, u can do it on ur own.
That’s that adult shit when u don’t caaare,
Cuz u kno, u can do it on ur own.

They wanna belittle,
But they’re just afraid of ur siiize,
U kno how that shit is,
They’re afraid u’ll figure their liiies,
They know, they know, they kno
To fear u,
cuz they created the evil,
by takin it away from the ppl, hah
and we got all the
if we jus dont let our emotions get manipulated

by their backdoor tricks

pliz don’t get me confused, wat am tryn to saaay,
it’s all beautiful when we can work together and…
exploit the best aspects of our
communal creative intelligences,
our minds fusing,
in efficiency,
without being bound by the legal codes
that benefit those who inherit wealth,
we dont need to be with that
legal systems just exist to keep property relations stable,
that fucks everyone here
we just horses in their stable,
that’s why shit eventually gets…unstable
when the internal pressure cooker
gets the fuck up
and am jus in the kitchen, wassup?




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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