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Darlings Of Colonialism

from Call The Cops by Kevlexicon

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Darlings of Colonialism

They hitchu with that Pie-In-The-Sky, when it’s time to pay a poorwhite.
They hitchu with that Pie-In-The-Sky, when it’s time to pay a poorwhite.

Wealthy ekkk$pat africans,
Wealthy whites,
Wealthy asians,
Wealthy any demography,

Jus look at the median income,
It’s the same fuckin bratz, everywhere.
Darlings of Colonialism.
From the administrative class.
Determine the opportunities that you have.
Keep you in your little niche, you’re a little biiitch,
A little bit of quiche, a little bit of class,
A little bit of class, See you after class,
Can I get a pass? Can I pass for white?
Fuck this shit. Fuck this life.
Everyone’s fuckin wakkk. Alrite, alrite, alrite.
Alrite, tone it down. The cops is comin now.
They’re on the way, they’re gonna take you to a safe place.

Here, take these pills and forget.
And shut the fuck up.

Take these pills as…
Ingest these mind lies.
Ingest these mind lies.

Ingest these mind lies
…so you can swim thru the apartheid channel.

Investment with Zuckerberg, cuck humor,
Basic shidd, cute safe demographic pander, Tina Fey,
Same fuckin shidd every day,
Everyone’s so fuckin safe,
Reddit comment levels of dehumanisation,
Instagram—same faces, same asses,
Same fuckin basikkk.
Same vanilla.
Same “Yeh, yeh bro.”
Same brats’ kkkommunity, communicating their means of the production that they own,
Everything’s the fucking same tho.
Everything’s the fucking same tho.
I don’t give a fuck.
Call me insane tho.
I don’t really care tho, I know how I see it.

I don’t know everything I jus know what I know,
Like Jeezy say.
Word to snow,
Word to fuckin rain,
Word to this fuckin pain every day.
You think my brain would get tired.
Yeh, am sure that’s gonna go next.
Everything’s gone. Fuck it.

Gone with the wind,
Frankly, no one give a damn.
No women-friend, well, that’s coz no property, yoh,
That’s the conjunction, yoh.

On some “Banjo”, Claude McKay,
He was gay,
He was catholikkk,
He was an expat,
wuddeverthefuck, hat trick,

things I don’t give a fuck abouuuut:

3 things that no one gives a fuck about you.
Imuh list em off, ready? 1, 2, 3.

Your sekkks life.
No one gives a fuck.
That’s like the surface level.

Sekkks life? No one gives a fuck about your sekkks life, bro.

Number 2.

Your economics, man. Your job.
No one gives a fuck about your job, man.
No one can do that for you, either.

Number 3. Errr… Number 1, we’re counting down, right?

Sorry, my spine is like, fucked, really bad, forever.

The last one.

Yeh…your health. Your health privilege. That’s the most unspoken, rite?

Coz it’s really cool, to like, be a, you kno,
Plantationowning Black Man, that’s sexually desirable,
werd to Idris Elba,

I dunno if he’s a bad dude or not, am jus sayin,
You know, the Polo aesthetic, here.
You know, the Plantationowning aesthetic, here.

…And, um…

That’s cool, rite?
But no one’s doing that health cooning, yoh. Heh.
No one, no one fracturing their spine, yoh. Heh ha ha,
I tell you whut, I tell you whut,
Am not sexually desirable, yoh.
Am not propertee anymore, yoh.

My real estate value has plummeted, and it can never return.

That’s what all the dokkks say, yoh. They say it can’t get better.

Am like, yeh, tell me something I haven’t been knowing for years.

….They kkkollect dem fundz tho.

They redistribute funds away from the poors, yoh.
Like they do, yoh.

I love em all.

I love em all very much.

Call the cops.


from Call The Cops, released December 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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