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so what do I wanna see? dreams like I hit the lottery
how bout broke kids w opportunities? to change their realities,
how bout some decentralisation, (how bout) media w less caucasians
less guns, more funds for education
less ignorance, more women w real jobs
so she don’t have to compromise to be who she want
cuz life’s hard and respect follows capital flows
oppressed groups, target of economic exclusion
victims of elite coalitions, maintain oppression and call it competition
cameras on the cops bcoz they’re already watchin us
I wanna see an end to the war on drugs
Economic war on black ppl deprives civil rights and lives
Who’s buildin the guns?
MIT, Boston, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed,
More defense contracts, shit we do not need

(somethin for the hook)

the police harm more americans than the middle east
Indsicriminate bombings killin civilians n children
But they dress it up like it was becoz they muslim – bullshit
Don’t believe the myths, follow the billions,
The gulf state financiers maintain the sunni/shia divide to get paid,
and run royal, Getn stacks from oil

Destabilisin regions to get at the energy deposits
Under the rules of the market, if you’re poor, you’re a target
They want u economically underdeveloped, treat u like a child
Infantilise, live w ur mom, economic apartheid

Don’t get confused, brown yuppies don’t care either,
You see how they abuse their house slaves, they’re evil, ukabila ni ujinga

My displaced ppl, left to drown in the mediterannean
Or left in drought, word to Turkana
Economic opportunities, that’s what I wanna see,
Not jus tokens, collective reality




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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