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Economic Cooning ( Pie​-​In​-​The​-​Sky )

from Call The Cops by Kevlexicon

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Economic Cooning ( Pie-In-The-Sky )

Fuck rapping, man. I don’t fuckin care.

You just wanna hear some economic cooning,
You wanna hear that “I made it, you can too” fuckin brat propaganda, demography-pander. Fuck you. Fuck your ma$$a wershipp, yoh. Strait upp. You sellin dreams, yoh. Fuck dreams, all I got is reality.

Reality darker than a thousand watevers, man, I don’t give a fuck,
It ain’t fuckin clever, am jus doin my shit tryna sever this reality
from me coz am so distant, yoh
regress, and get the fuck away,
coz y’all jus depress and oppress with your fuckin presence,
not so great,
the essence of it is you’re not down with the fundamentals, coz you can’t accept,
coz your mind won’t go there, it’s too dark, that’s where I live.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
You won’t come to the village coz you scared of that shit, fuck you, fuck you,

You love that apartheid, that’s your dream, that’s what you wanna be, apartheid,
Clean white sneaks, fuck your life,
You love that apartheid, I know you do,
All the time I see it.

Gave too much real estate up in my mind in my youth to these fuckin brats and what they do is so fuckin evil.
And they the only game in town coz they withhold the means of development.
Systematically underdevelopin’ poors like me, and my family across the seas, overseas, that transatlantic,

Back to the triangle, getting lost in that Bermuda,
Give a fuck, grab a tool-uh,
No way to fix it, no handy-man,
Yoh, man, my fuckin spine is done forever,

You know it’s bad when you tell a doctor that and he looks scared.
Everything’s great. I love everyone. Y’all fuckin—big hugs,
Gather round a circle,
get your blocking, you know, get your frame within a frame,
a photo within a photo, get your staging correct, it’s gonna be a wonderful composition, man,

worthy of bryan peterson,
give a fuck about how high the meter’s in,
my fuckin back is ruined for my fuckin remainder of this miserable toxic rape nightmare that is existence.
Everything’s fuckin terrible.
Everything is a fuckin nightmare.
Everything is the worst shit ever.
This is so far away from what reality was when I had more biological privilege,
And they want me to be silent about this shit, and just die and pay takkk$ to the fats,

Fuck that shit, fuckin bratz,
All that shidd is fuckin wakkk,
Seen that shidd before my whole fuckin life,
Everyone doesn’t give a fuck, they too caught up in their own ego,
Amerikkka’s fuckin got the worst people,
From what I’ve seen, what I’ve seen,
I don’t got akkkcess to the bratz,
but what I’ve seen of the bratz,
I really don’t give a fuck much about that,
From what I’ve seen, they’re fuckin wakkk,
From what I’ve seen, they’re fuckin wakkk,

They jus want you to be by the phone,
They jus want you when they feel alone,
But they don’t want you to be fuckin equal,
They give you that Pie-In-The-Sky when they do they evil, yeh

They give you that Pie-In-The-Sky when they do they evil, yeh
They give you that Pie-In-The-Sky when they do they evil, yeh
They give you that Pie-In-The-Sky when they do they evil, yeh
They give you that Pie-In-The-Sky when they do they evil, yeh

…young lady.

…old lady.


from Call The Cops, released December 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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