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the pressure’s steady, years pass, flowers, no confetti,
draw blood, but never give it back,
if I could paint a pain picture with the drawn blood,
I wouldn’t need to do this song, love,
Outside, desire vampires, waitin in the shadow of time,
Last time I blow my mind, with beautiful openins, just to feel like I had hope again,
Feelins that’s dope again,
Missin frenz, aint no comin back, so pardon me if my voice crack,
Jus tryna get my voice back,
Cuz it’s like joy got on another plane, and it aint been the same

Permanent damage on a canvas with distortions,
faces fade in my mind’s eye when I still need em,
hungry futures, askin how’m I gon feed em,
will the future hit again if I step in the line of fire?
My eyes open but tired,
walled off my heart thinkin it would heal,
But it’s hard to tell if I can still feel,
Opportunities slip and steal away,

I feel like every joy I had was stolen from a jealous table, that sells us fables,
And emotionally manipulates, so we live too late,
When I wanna give new ways, before my due date

Jus a couple more days in pain by myself

I know that there’s no replacements, but why do I feel so vacant?
I can’t take it, the letters that my heart write never seem to get sent,
Let alone read, and it’s all on me, less confusin while am losin, but bruisin,
Don’t add up to anything other than more sad stuff,
The pain is inevitable, the love, not so much,
Fightin in the scarcity of people too scared to be human to one another,
It’s like we’ve become reach out amputees, and there’s blood on the leaves
From schemes of evil dreams, loud screams silenced by the violence that eats and fuels the furnace,
The talented get conscripted, the gifted corrupted, it’s like “fuck it”, there’s no room for u in their budget,
You look after your own but in the end it’s all gon

Jus a couple more, jus a couple more

Jus a couple more days in pain by myself

But am still lightin the flares, call your name to the air




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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