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had time

This is such a bad time to be alive, u realise, u wish u had time, to go back, it doesn’t last, it doesn’t work, you’re on your ass and it hurts

Pain in the life, the silences and the absences and the holes, that swallow u whole,
Opportunity, nothin new for the youth, approachin 30, I kno its no longer about me,
Tools to lead, withheld by those that inherit wealth, and they don’t share it well,
Can’t expect that to change, so u deal wit it,
Starin down hard facts, in the mirror, every mornin,
I don’t write bcoz it’s boring, I don’t fight bcoz am warrin,
Am not worried, this a warnin,
Eyes closed like, minds in a poison dimension,
Privlives in transit, rural poor in suspension,
Life’s not like a movie, it’s like a quest to get (scene)seen,
High (div)visibility, hostility, on the road to get cream,
Not-so-clean lottery dreams, bank slaves to debt schemes,
You take me but u don’t pay me, feed me a myth-story, instead of a real history,
Gory bloody battles, civil war with the poors, where the upper classes cash in,
They wanna bleed ur passion, kill your beauty, and walk around in your corpse,
Death worshippers, on a last resort, on apartheid beaches,
Free speech is guaranteed on a constitution written by the richest,
Slave system runnin fine, few glitches, no hitches,
I wanna say hello but you look at me like am the devil,
Like “hell no,” no place inside your economy, founded on dichotomy, cut from the anthology, criminalized biology,
Getting fucked like sex work, as the lechers enslave the debtors,
I kno it won’t get no better, they want me to be a yes man becoz am a bad investment,
But at best, all I can say is…

It’s such a bad time to be alive, u realise, u wish u had time, to go back, it doesn’t last, it doesn’t work, you’re on your ass and it hurts

Can’t even breathe, there’s no oxygen, cuz it’s jus these toxic debt schemes that they lock u in, its like death threats when u livin thru it, ova here, no transit, no way to get thru it, rural poor, yeh, not so good, ova here (keepin it separate), as they hoard, the rich motherfuckers, (keepin it separate), drivin around or whatever the fuck the bucket is, I donno what to say man, here’s my dick, suck it it’s, my dick, man. yeh…




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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