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hole ( you’re just poor )

maybe I wuz born strange, breakin thru ur door chains,
fakin it w false names,
u get girls, GREAT,
i got court dates,
…mayb I got the wrong face for a sing-a-long show,
when I murder a unicorn and shatter a privilege dream of a mental child,
contort my body into a pile of garbage,
piled on the concrete, cold n chilly,
neva had a cheerleader for my fites in philly,
table round w a pole innit, strip club town w a hole in it,
wall w a hole in it, street w a wall in it, wanna leave Wall St. wit a hole in it,
wallet w a hole in it,
speak when i swallowd it,
nerds wanna follow it,
drink that hollow shit,
kill for a scholarship,
spill for a dollar tip,
Ahfrican, neva get acknowledgement,

You’re jus pooor (skia)
Ur jus poor (unaskia)
Ur jus ppppoooor (Mambo bad)

Recorded my first studio track with Ukoo Flani,
Toka maumau kambi, kisha shambani,
Tuko pa1 sana,
Ova here smoking that marijuana, u wana go back w me,
To the bodaboda, barabara,
Go to batabata owned by a czech company,
Am jus a slav slob wit no job,
Gonna starve probably,
Wen it comes to emotionally fulfillment,
Cuz i can’t get w that illness,
Cuz u aint got the realness,
So am ova here,
Probly gunna end up havn to steal shit,
--YES, welcom to the blessing,
ova here, testing,
ova, so stress-ing,
the best thing is the next best, the next best,
til I get,
the bottom of ur checklist,
“to-do” list,
fuck it, it’s ova, do shit,
watch me as i moove shit, yeh




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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