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Janet Yellen

Good morning, Kevin, welcome to hell, surrounded by boring ugly fat ppl that want u to fail,

I’d be lyin if I said they didn’t smell, literally,
Little things like that, just get to me,
But it’s not just this, it’s the myths of self-importance,
Like if u croaked, all us brokes wouldn’t just ignore it,
Instagram foodies a small step up on the class ladder that I spent to ascend,
But didn’t end well, no guarantees with rails made slippery
When you’re from the wrong family tree,
Petite little miseries of human histories, all make sense to me,
Without a second tellin,
They said this spot’s reserved, fuck the feds, am Janet Yellen

La-da-dee-la-dee-da, my life is jus like—blah,
A sitcom star gone wrong, like omigodd,
Clean-livin yuppie luxury, they don’t fuck w me,
A few quick chek lines closer to death,
If I can’t make a sale then this place is like a cell,
This place is like a jail, save n scrape to make bail,
May fail, Mayflower, MayDay, PayDay to have enuf priv
To be able to get away, but stuck in that ghetto way,
Shipped from port to port on the archipelago islands of your entitlement,
I can’t find a fren, all the sane ones left,
High budget production values, safe values u take in a retail box,
Safe values, buyin stocks, price shock, oil glut, bubbles bust, no duh,
Jus snakkkes n fakes, ego cloud pollution, loud solutions, turn it up
How u doin? my weekend sucks




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Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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