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you know, just gotta be on top of it, every day, man. practice. All the time. Jus, make it your life. That’s how you get it. aite.

You gotta make it like a discipline, this life is like a riddle and, am fiddling with the knobs tryna figure it out

Vision external, lakini najua tuna-feel epidermal,
Lost some organs but kept my heart, that’s more important
Spit endorphins, swimmin thru my pain for lost frenz,
Backwards ahistorical lens, and half-assed investigations,
Handed down diagnosis: morality police that hold the keys to bein free,
Energy efficiency wasted on the bloat, so you can have an extra boat,
We drownin in poverty while u float,
Fly girls hop a plane, stewardess, got too many sistas used to this abusive shit and stress,
Hand up the dress, the other hand holds you down,
Walk-in heels, no clouds, head bumpin, glass ceilin,
It’s all economics, safety nets and no feelins, safe bets n inattention,
They take the credit, but u never get a mention,
Literacy provided for u to imbibe the apartheid bullshit that they spit,
Reactionary militants on some killin shit,
…but we don’t fite the enemy, we kill ourselves.
that’s what gets me down.




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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