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mark hunt

you kno this privileged kids, they was born with the title, they neva had to fite, for survival,

voice like Jonah from Tonga, underestimate me, that I’m stronger,
flex a bit and see who’s wronger, am hot like a sauna, mix shots with coronas,
pass the L, marjiu-wanna, share, good things in life start fun, girl knocc me out--mark hunt,
you got Bigfoot, huh? We’ll I got brick hands,
you probly won’t see what happens after this fist lands,
hit so jard I might get banned, like oligarch internet reached over a VPN,
check the hilite reel on ESPN,
we all got different places, where we started from,
but anyone can get knocc’d out from that top rung,
this is for my brothas in the interstate, swingin with that heavy weight,
fite, u don’t really wanna start one, cuz around here we’re all mark hunt,
imuh jab you to the fences so I can beat ya ass senseless,

best things in life start fun, so girl knocc me out like mark hunt

what’s a ground game got to do wit bein knocc’d out? don’t u remember,
what happened in my last bout?
Odds are u won’t see the last round,
My ground game’s what happens after u get knocc’d out,
Walk off then I walk out,
give ppl something good to talk about,
crack a jaw, break my hand on your face,
u runnin the risk but I don’t think u’ll make the race,
and I don even need to chase,
hang back, relax, hit u wit my counterattack,
so u can read the column by jack slack,
yeh baby, super samoan’s back

best things in life start fun, girl knocc me out, mark hunt

homie, what you put in this blunt? shit knock me out, mark hunt




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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