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That’s why I can’t get along w them [snitches] [cowards]
[…da fuck is wrong with them]

lie to my face, hide behind the gate,
from the golf course to the gulf wars,
feedin the myths to little kids,
our belligerence is the image of the evil you commit,
fuck that white entitlement,
shitstem, tutor time versus the bread line,
young black males doin fed time,
waitin in the qeue with a question,
--why the mandatory sentence for nonviolent offenses?
Victim blamin, military occupation,
They wanna keep us fenced in and detained,
They don’t want us to compete in their lane,
More Africans in a cage today than there was when there was slaves

economic torture, civil forfeiture swellin the piggy bank
disenfranchise, they don’t want an economic unit to rise,
legislative body, Kuh-Kuh-Kongress white as fuckin hockey,
saa hii tunataka haki yetu, see! yet to see!

erase the lynchins, lionise the white racists,
it’s not about individuals, it’s the shitstem, look at the cages

gentrifiers evict, pushin out the natives, landlords, condo gods,
lookin down on all of us [what?!]




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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