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suck my D

yeh, u can spend your whol life waitin for some1 to care, huhhh,
but fuck all that, man, am jus tryna clear the air,
u can’t spit the fire without some oxygen,
and they wanna keep u in the place that they lock u in,
u don’t gotta stay, man
get out there,
go git it

u talk a lot, but I don see it really happenin
I’m like a memory loss victim when am dealin wit this absences,
No population in the frenzone on my last census,
Not sure if am gunna laugh again, from the gut,
But I’d rather smile alone, than fake it wit u fucks,
I kno we cot up in survival mode,
Fake it til u make it but u aint makin it,
I don’t got time to babysit,
Am too old for that shit,
Got better things to do than fake attention,
Over the years,
There aint been nobody here,
Am a nobody from nowhere, and nobody care,
And that’s fair, and that’s fine, jus dont waste my fuckin time.
I can’t fake desire. I can’t fake the vibe. I can’t change my mind jus to please u.
I got an ego. And frankly, I don’t need u.
I won’t do time in ur asylum and I aint got no patients (patience),
I feel like a slave with all I bring to the table, but when the tables turn all I get is yo fables,
Myths and excuses, when I really couldn’t give 2 shits, it’s useless,
Disappear into the mist, cuz I ‘d rathurr start fresh,
Than stay stuck in the shit,
family, jus arbitrary biology,
raised in the fog of toxic ideology,
i can’t even hold it against u, but I aint walkin over the pit that u step to,
emotions is fickle, come & go, only the bad ones stay and contaminate,
but am bored and exhausted by the back and forth wit nuthn to show 4 it,
so, am movin u out the way wen i go 4 it.

isn’t it nice to know there’s better worlds out there
than the one ur stuck in?

…..it is

u dont give a fuck about me, (suck my D, suck my D), u don’t give a fuck about me,

I jus can’t keep rewardin the negative shit with attention. bye-bye.




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Kevlexicon New Jersey

Kevlexicon is a broke nobody talking economic inequality.

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